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Nayxa Energy Services

RedWind has teamed up with Naxya Energy Services to provide wind resource assessment services.  

Naxya Energy Services is an engineering company that specializes in wind resource assessment and site assessment for wind energy projects. We use an intense Research and Development strategy which allows us to position ourselves at the forefront of wind engineering.  We also use commercial software such us WAsP, WindFarmer and Meteodyn to standardize our production results.

At Nayxa our philosophy is to provide personalized attention and services for the benefit of our clients.

  • We have worked as wind resource consultants in more than 20 countries
  • Assessed over 20,000 MWs of wind power projects
  • Assessed ~2,000 MWs of wind power projects in the Americas

We are willing to face new challenges and help our clients succeed by employing all our technical expertise.

Our Services include:

Wind Resource Measurement and wind data

  • Supply and installation of meteorological masts according to IEC and MEASNET standards
  • Design of wind resource measurement campaigns
  • Maintenance of meteorological masts and monitoring of the measurement campaign including monthly analysis reports of the measurements
  • Long term data provision for MCP evaluation

Wind Resource Assessment

  • Wind resource assessment of wind energy projects and potential interest areas
  • Selection of the most adequate wind turbine model for each project
  • Optimization of the wind farm lay-out according to IEC 61400-1 specifications and existent restrictions
  • Calculation of the expected wind energy production along with the uncertainty
  • Calculation of losses due to wind sector management, noise restrictions, power limitation
  • Consultancy service in due diligence processes
  • Electromagnetic interference studies, EMI

Site Assessment

  • Site assessment according to IEC 61400-1 guidelines for each wind turbine position within the wind farm
  • Specific and detailed calculation of the Vref parameter (IEC class), taking into account a set of 20 different methods
  • Calculation of the effective turbulence intensity (IEC sub-class), according to S. Frandsen’s formulas and complex terrain specifications
  • Communication with the wind turbine manufacturer with the scope of verifying the conditions of the operation of the wind turbines

Cartography & Roughness

  • Map making of cartographic maps in CAD/GIS and WAsP/CFD compatible formats for any part of the globe
  • Elaboration of WAsP/CFD compatible roughness maps for any area within the World

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