Mr. Rustowicz has personally consummated numerous transactions during his career including the following:

The "Brewster" 5.7MW Project in the Fall of 2004

The "Lincoln County" 8.75MW Project in February 2005

The "JD Wind 1-3" 10MW Projects in March 2005

The "Wolf" 6.25MW Project in June 2005

The "Blue Breezes 1 & 2" 1.25MW Projects in July 2005

The "JD Wind 4" 80MW Project in January of 2006

The "JD Wind 5 and 6" 10MW Projects in May 2006

Dan had also supervised the closing of over 300MWs between 2005 through 2008 including the following projects:

The "Bluegrass Ridge" 56.7MW Project

The "Harvest Wind Farm" 52.8MW Project

The "CP Wind Farm" 4.2MW Project

The "Cow Branch" 50.4MW Project

The "Conception" 50.4MW Project

The "Loess Hills Wind Farm" 5MW Project

The "Agri Wind" 8.4MW Project

The "Cisco Wind Energy" 8.4MW Project

The "Ewington Wind Farm" 21MW Project

The "Shane Cowell" 2MW Project

The "Marshall Wind Farm" 18.9MW Project

RedWind Advisory: Transactions

              DWS Frisco – 20MW

              DWS Channing  – 10MW

              Butter Creek – 4, 10MW LLCs


Dan's transaction experience and knowledge are deep, and the development methodology and due diligence he employs excellent.  He has been on both sides of the table, representing a Fortune 100 investor with its own balance sheet and tax appetite, as well as a developer seeking project finance to get deals closed.  He has a strong grasp of the current market conditions as a result of his extensive work with developers and clients alike.