RedWind's goal is to exceed our client's expectations and offer outstanding results. In our collaborative efforts with developers, financiers, investors, landowners, utility companies and their governing bodies, we assume the privileged responsibility of assuring impeccable representation, due diligence, and value creation.


RedWind holds certain fundamental values as a prerequisite to a successful client relationship, and we will not compromise these values under any circumstances.


RedWind prides itself in straight talk.  This means clearly and candidly communicating the potential gains from renewable energy development as well as the potential risks and pitfalls, which are inherent in any business development effort.


Accountability is about doing things right, the first time.  RedWind holds itself to high standards – it strives to deliver quantifiable results.  RedWind embraces this philosophy as it partners with clients and diligently works to maximize value for them.


RedWind’s exceptional work ethic is our greatest asset.  We efficiently move projects forward with the long-term goal always in sight.  We relish the most challenging assignments and look forward to working with you.  No objective or goal is out of reach as far as we are concerned.