“Dan Rustowicz of RedWind Consulting will give out of the box ideas and implementation for your project. Dan's background in accounting and work as a CPA allows RedWind Consulting to "financial engineer" projects to their most profitable level and financing possibilities. RedWind consulting will be on time with the project requirements and meet the project goals and time lines. RedWind can take the step by step process and obtain the desired outcomes. I recommend RedWind Consulting.”

-Richard Jarboe, Manager Business Development, Indeck Energy


“Dan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to wind development opportunities. Dan understands what is required from a development and financial perspective to get projects over the finish line. I highly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking to develop a wind site.”

            -Andy Redinger, Managing Director, KeyBanc Capital Markets


“Dan is exceedingly bright and is truly an expert in all aspects of Wind development. I would recommend his services to any company that is contemplating entrance into renewable energy development.”

-Bryan Blakeman, Managing Principal, HCIS